Book Printing

Various Types Of Book Printing

Do you need to print a book in small quantities? Sprint Media can respond to your request. Indeed, we offer a digital book printing services not only to publishers, but also to schools and independent authors. Our specialty, the printing of short-run books: from one copy to 1000. We own the equipment to produce them at very competitive costs. We can print from a computer file or from a paper document the following:

  • Biography
  • Novel
  • Test(s)
  • Training Manual(s)
  • Catalog
  • Etc.

At Sprint Media, we take care of the finishing ourselves. Whether you want a spiral binding for your training manuals or a perfect binding for your novels, we have all the equipment required to produce them in-house, on time and within your budget needs!

The printing needs for book(s) on demand offers several advantages and they are:

  • It offers a quality similar to that of traditional printing;
  • Facilitates inventory management;
  • Reduces warehouse costs;
  • Reduces production costs;
  • Shortens production time;
  • Allows more frequent updates, and finally,

This quality of digital printing offers the same finishing quality as any best-seller on the market.