Finishing and Binding

Sprint Media has its own finishing and binding department. We therefore control the quality of the product from beginning to end. We can link your documents in several ways: paperback, pudding (spiral), spiral bound, saddle stitch binding or even in the German binding format.


The flange (or coiling) is an easy way to assemble a document produced in digital printing or offset printing. It is available in black or white.

Spiral binding

The particular binding is a bit more sophisticated and allows to open the connected documents completely without damaging the binding. It is available in black or white. However, it is also available in several other colours for medium and large quantity prints.

 Perfect binding

Otherwise known as the perfect bind it is used for the production of books, including best-sellers. At Sprint Media, we have the equipment that allows us to produce documents using the German binding technique for quantities as small as one copy.


Even though this finishing operation is usually applied to tickets, we can also perforate/punch documents such as forms with a detachable part(s). Again, we have two solutions of meeting your needs.

Our Heidelberg cutting press allows us to make high quality micro-perforations when you need them.

However, our folding machine also allows us to make perforations but at lower cost that will meet our customers’ more restrictive budget(s).


Need invoices, receipts or purchase orders requiring printed numbers in a certain position or tickets with multiple numbers, Sprint Media offers two solutions to meet these specific needs.

For documents that are printed in black (digital printing, photocopying or offset printing) we can do the numbering directly due to the computerized accessibility and our DocuTech 135 software programing.

Should you prefer a number that is much more visible, our computerized dialer software program allows us to print red numbers on your stationery or tickets, and this solution is compatible with your digital colour, black or offset prints as well as photocopies printing orders.

Folding and grooving

We have a folding machine that is capable of bending the sheets in two, three, even in a Z format or also in envelope fold formats.

Before folding greeting cards or document covers (that is all products that are printed on cardboard), we perform another operation, known as  scoring in order to avoid the cardboard to crack during the folding process, and therefore obtain complete customer satisfaction of a perfect finished and professional product.  (The creasing allows for easy folding but most importantly, removes the possibility of damaging the document(s)).

Hole Punching

Whether it’s three holes for a binder, two “medic” holes for filing medical files or two holes at the top of the sheets for accounting files, we are able to adjust our hole punching machine to meet your all of your needs.


Sprint Media offers a wide variety of stapling, such as: corner brocades, double brocades and on the side or saddle-stich; these are some of the simple and inexpensive ways to connect your documents.


Plasticization of your company covers adds a touch of class to your documents while ensuring their durability.

With or without borders, we can also plasticize posters, bookmarks and any other type of documents you want to preserve, from a 3 mil plastic, up to a maximum size of 22″ × 36″.


Lamination, matte or glossy, is another similar way of enhancing the quality of your printed materials, such as business cards or manual covers. The film used in the process of lamination is thinner, and therefore more subtle, than what is used during plasticization.


At Sprint Media, we offer several options to package our customer’s printed materials, either individually, or precise packaged quantities, with the following packaging options: cellophane, regular or shrink wrap, and in identified boxes or not.