Photocopies in Colour or Black and White


Sprint Media always has its customers in mind when it comes to their photocopying services as well: we have quick photocopying requests offered in either colour or black and white, and just as importantly, either in small quantities or large quantities.

How quick you ask? Some customers simply come to our offices, and although we do not offer self-service, we take care of certain of their projects while the customer is waiting, of course, depending on the availability of our equipment.

As for large quantities of photocopies, even in the likes of a few hundred thousand copies, our production turn around-time is generally only 24 to 48 hours thanks to the speed of our high-end equipment. In fact, our production capacity is over 25,000 for black and white photocopies per hour, that is more than 200,000 copies per shift.

Sprint Media however, offers much more than just photocopies

Photocopying is no longer simply the reproduction of documents in the same format. Xerox photocopiers are connected to computers that allow the operator to impose documents, reduce format, or change orientation and even bind them should such services be needed.

For example, from 8″ × 11″ sheets, we can produce brochures on 11″ × 17″, 8½” × 14″ or 8½” × 11″ sheets, folded and stitched.

At Sprint Media our technology and our expert staff members are at the service of our customer’s imagination.

Colour photocopies

Colour photocopying technology has grown significantly over the past decade: production costs have dropped as quality has increased, therefore making colour photocopying within the reach of almost every budget. In fact, reproducing photographs, colour mockups, printed materials, and other documents is simple when it comes to colour photocopying and this method is increasingly replacing black print copying. To discover if your project can be realized with one of our colour copiers, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Black and white photocopies

For line work, that is to say without having to frame the documents or work to avoid any gray gradient, photocopying in black and white offers an interesting option. This photocopying service is very inexpensive, and allows companies to produce, for example, purchase orders, invoices or receipts on NCR carbon paper at 2, 3 or 4 copies.

Indeed, it is enough to provide us with a document without frame so that we reproduce it by photocopy on NCR paper. You can therefore obtain administrative documents that are quickly adapted to your immediate black and white printing needs, at an affordable budget.