Digital Printing Equipment

Sprint Media is proud to have a wide range of high-end digital printing equipment. The variety of our digital presses and the extensive range of our binding equipment allow us to offer quality work in a very short production time frame and at very appealing prices.

Whether it’s for colour digital printing, black and white photocopying, brocaded or bound documents, printing short-run books, our varied in-house production equipment can help you achieve your print communication needs in a suitable time-frame.

Our printing business is growing and as a result so are our print productions!

Sprint Media is constantly increasing and modernizing its production capacity to meet our clients’ pressing digital printing needs and as proficiently as possible.

As a result, we have added a new color press piece of equipment – it is the AccurioPress C12000. This machine prints up to 28″ if needed with double sided printing capabilities as well. It is also capable to print 8.5″ × 11″ folded trifold leaflets (in an open format: 25.5″ × 11″).
Printing and photocopies in Montreal, digital and offset presses

Digital and offset presses