Digital Printing


In a modern world where business is processed at lightning speed, digital printing plays a key role in meeting deadlines: with finished films and templates. Print times are indeed minimized.

Also, over the years, the costs of computers, peripherals and sophisticated software costs have been dropping, therefore making print production needs and services much more accessible to and for everyone.

With this in mind, we at Sprint Media work diligently to offer digital printing services that allow our customers and their marketing/sales and or creator/designers from all industries of all levels to publish their documents at a reasonable cost be it in large or small quantities.

You do not need to know the complex details the imposing of pages of type, and other specialized techniques because at Sprint Media we do that arduous work for you. All you need to do is simply provide us with a document produced in a standard layout software and our technicians will make the final adjustments.

For all documents provided in electronic form, we produce a proof – either electronically or a hard copy proof. Finally, the printed documents are delivered within 24 to 48 hours, that is, once the final approval of the proof has been signed off.

Catalogs, business cards, leaflets, brochures, price lists, books, magazines, training manuals, stationery, photocopies, press packages and much more, at Sprint Media we offer it all with the following choices: in black or in colour, on white or coloured background, on Bond base paper, Quality First Choice paper, on Supreme, Xerox, Windsor high-quality paper and even on recycled paper or NCR carbon paper; as well as on Bristol base cardboard, 12-point Fine Finch thick cardboard or Supreme or Mayfair premium cardboard. Sprint Media prides itself on meeting our clients’ print demands efficiently, and respecting their printing budgets.

Sprint Medial also offers a variety of data printing personalized services of documents using its high-end software connected database.

Digital printing in black

At Sprint Media, because our high-end digital printing equipment offers a resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI) resolution, our digital printing results in accurate rendering of photographs, fine frames and subtle gray gradients on uncoated (unglazed) paper and paperboard up to 10 points, white or coloured. In others words, you get a first rate print product.

Colour digital printing

Some work requires the prestige afforded by colour. For quantities that are too small for offset presses, digital printing is a valid alternative to the 4-colour press since it operates in a similar way, without, however, requiring the use of expensive templates and films, as well as quasi-photographic rendering. This in itself can also be an expensive process.

Sprint Media’s high-end printing equipment, offers print resolutions of 2400 dpi, hence the ability to get closer to all Pantone™ colours and even the RGB spectrum, therefore your projects or printed materials will always print well on smooth-finish papers ranging from First Choice base paper to one Cardboard with a maximum thickness of 14 points for double-sided printing and 16 points for single-sided printing.