Production of a book in digital printing

We are proud to say that at Sprint Media, all the stages of book making are carried out under our roof:

  • from the imposition of the pages,
  • to the digital printing of the covers,
  • to the black printing of the inside pages;
  • spiral binding or German binding and more.

We can also insert colour copies inside the book, or even make the full impression of the book in colour.

Large format digital printing

The AccurioPress c6085 Digital Colour Press allows us to print up to 28″ double-sided documents. It is also able to print 8.5″ × 11″ trifold leaflets (in an open format: 25.5″ × 11″).

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1070P

This colour digital press produces 70 colour copies per minute. It also produces double-sided digital printing on 14-point cardboard. In addition to these features, this Konica Minolta press is used for custom printing, otherwise known as customization or variable data printing.

Xerox Docutech 6180

This digital press produces black prints at speeds of 180 pages per minute. Its layout software allows us to print several pages of the same book on sheets of 14″ x 18.5″.

Squarefold binding

With its “SquareFold Trimmer Module” finisher, the Xerox® D136 copier can efficiently create up to 100-page square-back booklets.

Perforator for spiral binding

Our Lhermite drill hole averages 75,000 sheets per hour. This high speed of production allows us to connect your documents at lightning speed, well, almost.

Perfect Binding

Our Digi-binder connects and pastes novels, textbooks and instructional/training books with a quality worthy of the large binding workshops, that is, up to two inches thick. This equipment is so flexible, that it allows us to connect from ten to hundreds of copies, according to the needs of our customers.

Faltex folder, for folding paper

Our Faltex folder machine allows us to fold sheets in two, three or four panels at an average speed of 25,000 sheets per hour. Your digital prints or colour photocopies turn into beautiful flyers.

Guillotine Polar 92, printing scorer/slicer

This scoring printing machinery can cut paper stacks four inches thick, and with extraordinary precision. Its software component allows for programmable cuts to the nearest millimeter.

Once the cut has been made, and their binding needs have been set up, then it is a matter of simply connecting the document(s), with our digi-binder for the perfect binding, or assemble them for our perforator Lhermite for the spiral binding process.